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The Cool Caps



Here are "The Cool Caps", a German/Spanish music project. Both active as musicians, singers, songwriters, arrangers, lyricists and authors. 80's style synthesizer music mixed with hip dance beats, funky vocals and hot lyrics are their trademark. Making their ideas and dreams come true drives both of them. Being versatile, creative and open for new projects is their everyday calling.

Just like their fusion with DJKC 2023. The recipe of their fusion: Club music for the dance floor, mixed with distinctive vocals and - as usual from them cool caps - ambiguous, raunchy and saucy lyrics. As DJKC & THE COOL CAPS, they released their first debut single, "I Want Your Sex". They released 3 version in 2023! A radio-, club- and tropical-edit version.

At the beginning of this year 2024, they will be released 3 new songs, that they are currently working on. One will be club music anthem with their friend DJKC. Next will be a Nu Disco song and last but not least a Spanish song written especially for the upcoming summer party seasons.

So stay curious for what is still to come. Because: "The Cool Caps" are around...


Dreams Come True

The Cool Caps